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Ms. Allka Shah, Managing Trustee of NirmalJyot with Hon. Minister of Environment & Cultural Affairs, Mr. Sanjay Deotale.

Allka Shah, Passing out as a graduate in science, fate put me in to diverse activities like editorial and publishing of a financial weekly. A burning desire within, to serve the humanity and do a good turn for the society as a repayment of Lord’s bounties to me. Inspired by pig and cow fable from
childhood, I developed a passion to live like cow and give everything that’s mine to to the society in my lifetime and not after death.

Disassociating myself from politics but not from social work, I became a member of Dignity Foundation as its chief co-ordinator for G/south ward. Cleaning up of worli sea-face was my project in early days. The project was successfully achieved with the help of ward officer and police.

The passion of serving the society made me an important officer bearer in AGNI G/South ward and advisory member of Mumbai Traffic Police in year 2000.

It was natural and destined for my social work to take me in to the fold of Shri Mataji Nirmaladevi. This was turning point in my life for I started to understand true meaning of spirituality and with her blessing the self-realisation awakened kundalini. It was road to pure knowledge about divine and wiser bhakti.

I understood who Lord Ganesha from H.H. Shri Mataji is through her speeches which I am sharing with you. Who is Lord Ganesh?

When God Almighty (SadaShiva) desire to create his desire become ADI SHAKTI first primordial shanty of universe. So she has to create life so First thing she created from her body is Lord Ganesh, to protect her chastity and help the Mother to do her creation. Therefore when you read Atharvarshish of Ganesh its says….. I see lot of people chant Athervarseesh without understanding meaning .it’s clearly say I reside  mooladhar chakra (Mooldhar sthitosi nityam)name itself means he is mool- adhar of your spiritual ascent. You will find complete translation in Hindi on our web. Anyway he is called Vinayak mean Vina (without) nayak (man) he only recognise her mother, was ananya bhakti towards her mother Adi Shakti, He obeyed only her Mother order therefore you hear a story that when shakti Parvati was having bath and Lord Ganesh stopped Shiva from entering in to SHri Parvat room so he cut his head in anger because he obeyed order of his Mother and recognise only his Mother.

Mother has to create Ganesh from dust or you can say mother earth and her vibration since Mother has vibration therefore among panch tattva only Mother earth has capacity to sustain and nourish. First thing on earth grew was vanaspati or u can say grass so you always offer durva to Lord Ganesh. He is also known as Lord of vegetable……since he is created from mother earth you see so many swayambhus in all over Maharashtra and in world.

So when ideally earlier day when people used to worship Lord Ganesh they you to make idol from clay and worshiped. But in Modern time it has become fashion, clout and power of Mandals and vulgar songs in sarvajanic Mandals.People must understand that he is lord of Mother earth if you unpleased him he can give you earth quack. So you should be very careful while worshiping him. Because he is also lord of Gannas (Angel) or you can say Vignaheartha.

He is also God of wisdom and innocence because of he was eternal child of her Mother. Now tell me what is use of bringing big idols to worship him when he always remained Bal-Ganesh. Is anybody has seen him in adulthood. So in your bhakti should embed with his quality of wisdom and innocence.

Now scientific view of Lord Ganesh,   he is carbon, first atom was created to do creation   so whenever you see swayambhu like ganaptiphule or any other swayambhu you see colour of soil is red. When you burn carbon it emits red colour so you offer him red shoes flower and he is lord of Mars so wear red coral as symbolic colour of Mars.

The view point of understanding lord Gnash is by my Guru you are free to have understanding about him with your views not her ant sentiment of others.

Ms. Allka Shah with Hon. Home Minister of Maharashtra, Mr. R. R. Patil.

Immersion Stats- 2012

For 1.5 days' Ganesha Murti Immersion- 20th Sept., 2012:
  Ganesha Idols
Natural Ponds (Total) 63674
Sarvajanik 144
Household 63530
Artificial Ponds (Total) 5919
Sarvajanik 26
Household 5893
Total immersed 69593

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Eco Friendly Murti Locations



VILE PARLE - Exhibition Open

Mrs Rashmi ( 11.00am - 7.00pm ) - Tel: 9892618372 / 8452070822
Mahila Adhar Kendra
Ground Floor Baba Gawde Hospital (Back side)
Opp. Vile Parle Station East

KANDIVALI WEST - Exhibition Opening 26th July

Mrs Megna - Tel: 9768826717
Mahila Adhar Kendra
Mahavir Nagar
Near Sachin Tendulkar Gymkhana


Ravindra Natya Mandir

Prabhadevi, Near Siddhivinayak Temple - Pickup & Exhibition on 23rd and 24th Aug 2017.




Center 1: Mrs Minal - 9323182638, RATAN Bldg, Opp One Up Show Room, Bhaveshwar Raod, Ghatkopar East, Next to State Bank of India.

Delivery Center of HyperCITY Stores.
NirmalJyot Eco-Friendly Murthi will be available at the following HyperCity Outlets from 26th July. Delivery Timings 10:00am - 10:00pm
Mumbai - Vashi, Malad - Inborbit, Thane - Viviana , Panvel - Orion.
Book Online & Collect Facility Available at Mumbai Only.

For further inquiry email to Nirmaljyottrust@gmail.com


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